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Fundraise for Muscular Dystrophy South Australia and you could be in the running to win some amazing prizes, including an exclusive money-can't-buy experience with legendary Australian cyclist, Stuart O'Grady.


All money raised is put straight to work to provide Muscular Dystrophy South Australia's clients with essential services such as hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, counselling, advocacy, equipment, camps and getaways, support groups and more.


For more information about muscular dystrophy and services provided by Muscular Dystrophy South Australia please visit www.mdasa.org.au


You can register as a fundraiser at registration, or give us a call on 08 8234 5266.

Raised so far

Top Fundraiser Prize

Authentic Sydney 2000 Olympic Torch

The first team or individual to raise $10,000 will win an authentic Sydney 2000 Olympic Torch. How awesome would this look in your office or living room?


There is a real significance behind these prizes and the true meaning behind the honour. When an individual is given the honour of being a Community Torchbearer they have met one or more of this criteria;

  • Performed major feats of individual accomplishments against the odds,

  • Made outstanding acts of generosity or kindness,

  • Made a contribution to the benefit of his or her community,

  • Been a role model or mentor, or made a special contribution to the lives of others,

  • Undertaken voluntary work or contributed to school or youth groups,

  • Embodied pride and community values.

These are the characteristics we see in our fundraisers on a daily basis.  It is a privilege to honour our highest fundraiser with the accolades they deserve and the prize of the Community Torchbearer iconic Olympic Torch.

Incentive Prizes for Individuals

$3,000 Target - Ride with Stuart O'Grady!

Raise $3,000+ as either a runner or rider and win a money-can't-buy experience with Adelaide cycling royalty Stuart O'Grady! Winners of this prize will join Stuart in an exclusive training ride and intimate function at his new enterprise, the Velo Precinct at Victoria Park


$1,500 Target - Signed Jersey

The first ten individuals to $1,500 will win a exlcusive Big Red Ride and Run jersey signed by one or more Big Red Ride and Run ambassadors including Stuart O'Grady, Brad McGee and the 2016 UniSA Tour Down Under Team.


$500 Target - Aussie Farmers Direct Box

Raise $500 and win a Aussie Farmers Direct Fruit and Vegetable Box chock full of fresh produce to feed the family. Boxes will be available for collection from the Muscular Dystrophy South Australia office.

Incentive Prizes for Teams


'Bragger's Rights' Trophy


A 'Bragger Rights' Trophy will be awarded to the top three fundraising teams.

Fundraising Tips & Tricks

Getting started is easy! There are heaps of ways to promote your cause:

  • Think of everyone you know: family, friends and colleagues and send them an email asking for support 
  • If you have 100 Facebook, Twitter or Instagram followers and each of them sees your posts and donates $10, you have just raised $1000! (and have picked up a great incentive prize!)
  • Place your sponsorship form and a promotional poster in a prominent place at work
  • Include your fundraising target on your email signature
  • Ask your employer if they will match the pledges you raise

Remember to make all your promotional activities personal, relevant and interesting for your readers and don’t forget to provide the link to your personal fundraising page. 


Fundraising Materials


Friend Letter

Sponsorship Form

How to Raise $500 in 7 Days


10 Steps to Successful Fundraising

  1. Set yourself a fundraising goal of how much money you would like to raise.
  2. Make sure you’re the first pledge on the sponsorship form. This gives people an idea of how much to contribute.
  3. Think of everyone you know: family, friends and colleagues – and write yourself a list of who to approach.
  4. Ask one person per day to sponsor you – don’t be afraid to ask!
  5. Ask your employer if they will match the pledges you raise.
  6. Ask for a specific amount. This provides your sponsors with some guidance and encourages people to give the most they can.
  7. Place your sponsorship form and a promotional poster in a prominent place at your work.
  8. Spread the word by sending emails, letters to colleagues, friends and associates; customise your email signature inviting people to join by clicking your personal page. Use Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites and blogs to promote your fundraising. You could even create an event or group.
  9. Organise a casual day at work, place a collection tin at your desk, reception desk, local cafe, shop etc.
  10. Thank those who have made a contribution – they are more likely to support you again next time!



To be eligible to win incentive prizes, all funds must be deposited with Muscular Dystrophy South Australia by Friday 27 January 2017.




Banking Money

When you have money to deposit, you can either drop it into the Muscular Dystrophy South Australia office at 36 - 38 Henley Beach Road, Mile End, transfer the funds by Direct Deposit or make a credit card payment using our Deposit Portal.


Banking details for a Direct Deposit are provided in the Direct Deposit notification form. You must notify Muscular Dystrophy South Australia that you have transferred funds via this method.